Speaker & Presentation Requests

*Please note* that this menu is not exhaustive. Iowa Safe Schools will work with you to create a training that best fits your needs. Please reach out to for more information.


For-Profit Entities: $350/hour

Nonprofits and Schools: $250/hour

Safe Space/SafeZone Training: $2,000*

Consultation: $600/year**

*Safe Space/SafeZone Trainings include 5 hours of training, as well as LGBTQ-inclusive resources

**Each speaking option includes one 45-minute planning meeting with Iowa Safe Schools to assess your needs regarding the speaking engagement. Consultations are on-going relationships between Iowa Safe Schools’ Education Department and your organizations. Rate is based on 6 hours of consultation in the form of training, document and policy review, and leadership/train-the-trainer training. An additional fee of $25/person applies for more than 25 attendees.

LGBTQ Inclusivity Trainings

LGBTQ 101 – Workshop

In this one-hour training, participants will learn basic and intermediate terminology relating to the LGBTQ community, work together and with the session facilitator to find inclusive language they can use everyday, and discuss how and why to use a person’s chosen pronouns. This session also provides participants insight on why developing a basic understanding of LGBTQ language and LGBTQ-inclusivity is instrumental to success and accessibility for LGBTQ people.

LGBTQ 201: Trans and Non-Binary Identities – Workshop

This one-hour training is appropriate for participants who have already taken LGBTQ 101, or who already have a basic understanding of LGBTQ terminology and barriers facing the LGBTQ community. This session takes a deeper dive into understanding gender, gender norms, and intersex individuals. Participants in this session will engage with the history of gender, as well as the science of biological sex to help make sense of contemporary issues surrounding the transgender community.

Supporting Students. Supporting Safe Schools. – Workshop/Keynote

In this 90-minute session, participants will begin with a brief overview of basic LGBTQ terminology before moving into a discussion of barriers facing the LGBTQ student community. We will juxtapose student success (both academic and social) in environments that provide inclusive curriculum and other LGBTQ-affirming spaces, with those that do not. Participants will gain strategies to make their classrooms and school communities more accessible to LGBTQ students.

Strategies for Developing and Implementing Inclusive Curriculum – Workshop

In this one-hour session participants will do a brief overview of what it means to create LGBTQ-Inclusive classroom spaces, and then discuss strategies for creating inclusive curriculum, facilitating difficult or otherwise uncomfortable conversations, and policy considerations.

It’s Elementary: LGBTQ-Inclusivity Considerations at the Elementary Level – Workshop

In this one-hour session, participants will learn the basics of LGBTQ terminology, explore barriers facing LGBTQ students, and discuss ways to implement grade-appropriate LGBTQ-Inclusive curriculum and conversation.

School and Workplace Wellness Trainings

Protect Kids. Stop Bullying.

Familiarize yourself with current bullying laws and best-practices in this one-hour session. Participants will gain a thorough understanding of Iowa’s anti-bullying laws, what constitutes bullying, and steps they can take to prevent and respond to instances of bullying in their classroom communities.

Policy Considerations for Healthcare Professionals

In this 60 minute session participants will learn the basics of LGBTQ terminology and inclusive language, as well as engage with best-practices and policy considerations for working with LGBTQ clients. These practices center the safety and experiences of LGBTQ people. Participants will also learn about barriers that prevent LGBTQ individuals from seeking out and accessing healthcare.

Policy and Programming Considerations for Youth-Serving Professionals

In this 60-minute session, participants will begin with a brief overview of basic LGBTQ terminology before moving into a discussion of barriers facing LGBTQ individuals and their access to various services. Participants will learn how to modify their operations to be inclusive of LGBTQ individuals in their organizational policies and programming initiatives.

A la Carte Add-ons

Bullying Response Best-Practices (+30 Minutes)
Facilitating Difficult Conversations (+15 minutes)
Facility Access for Trans Students (+15 Minutes)
Gender 101 (+40 Minutes)
Legislative Update (+30 Minutes)
Policy Considerations for Schools (+15 Minutes)
Policy Considerations for Organizations/Companies (+15 Minutes)
Pronoun Activity (+10 Minutes)

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