Resources For Parents of LGTBQ Youth

If you are apprehensive about where to go right after your child has come out, the best thing you can do is educate yourself.

A great place to start is the book, This is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids by Dan Owens-Reid. This book is a wonderful introduction to raising an LGBTQ child. It is written in a question and answer format and covers a myriad of topics to help you understand and communicate with your child.

Some other great books on raising transgender children specifically include:

Another great way to educate yourself is to learn some of the lingo. The LGBT Community Center of New Orleans has a great list of words and phrases, along with their meanings, that are common in the LGBTQ community. Knowing what all of it means, or at least having a general idea, will help you better understand what your child is talking about when they talk about their LGBTQ identity. is also a great website if you are looking to learn more about gender, and what the differences between biological sex, gender identity, gender expression, and attraction are. It is also a great resource for other LGBTQ issues.

Joining a local Parents and Friends of Gays And Lesbians (PFLAG) chapter is also a great way to meet other parents who have already experienced what you are experiencing now. You can find your local chapter here.

Above all else, keep an open mind. Many ways of thinking and topics discussed when learning about the LGBTQ community may be totally foreign to you. Just know that the knowledge you are gaining will help you understand and support your child better.