Member Benefits

Member Benefits

The members of our organization are the advisors of our GSA Network Advisors and the queer educators across Iowa. As a member, our organization will provide you and other Iowa educators with impactful resources to magnify your advocacy efforts and support your students. This includes one-on-one support, professional development trainings, latest news and policy insights, and more.

Professional Development

Members have access to the Safe Schools Academy, developed to provide quality and meaningful professional development opportunities for educators. Topics include issues impacting school climate, bullying prevention, advocacy for under-represented populations, and support for LGBTQ students. We offer both online and in-person courses through the Safe Schools Academy.

There are also a host of statewide conferences hosted by Iowa Safe Schools for our members to attend, including the Iowa Sexual Violence Symposium, Governor’s Conference for LGBTQ Youth, Iowa Bullying Prevention Symposium, and Iowa Trans Education Summit.


Members of our organization become part of a greater community of educator advocates across the state with the mission of providing an equitable education for all students and supports for our LGBTQ Youth. Our youth engagement, policy and development, and education experts here at Iowa Safe Schools are willing to support our members in their advocacy efforts to support their students in their districts and communities.