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Nate Monson
(He, Him, His) serves as Executive Director of Iowa Safe Schools – a position he has held since 2007 following the passage of the state’s anti-bullying law and extension of the Iowa Civil Rights Act to include gender identity and sexual orientation.
Iowa Safe Schools was founded in 2002 with assistance from the Iowa Civil Rights Commission to address the needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, and queer (LGBTQ) youth in the state of Iowa. Iowa Safe Schools works to create safe, supportive, and nurturing learning environments and communities for youth through education, outreach, victim services, and advocacy efforts. Under Nate’s leadership, Iowa Safe Schools is now one of the largest statewide LGBTQ organizations in the country.
Nate’s commitment to positively impact the lives of others is also reflected in his service to the community on a variety of boards and commissions. In 2010, Nate was appointed to the Iowa Department of Human Right’s Board by Governor Chet Culver. Nate serves as the Chair of the Iowa Pride PAC, the state’s LGBTQ political action committee.
Nate has won several awards for his work including the Distinguished Alumni Rising Star Award from Clarke University and the 2018 Pride Man of the Year from Capital City Pride.
Nate is a graduate of Clarke University where he received a B.A. in History. He is a sought after speaker on school climate, culture, and LGBTQ issues around the country serving as a keynote speaker for conferences, colleges, and corporations. Nate recently spoke for a Tedx Talk titled the Post-Modern Queer Youth Experience which can be found here:
Nate and his best-dog friend Lucy live in Des Moines.

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Mark Busch (He, Him, His) is the Director of Education at Iowa Safe Schools. Mark empowers educators, youth-serving professionals, and community advocates across the state to create safe, supportive, and welcoming environments for LGBTQ people. Mark oversees the Safe Schools Academy, a catalog of continuing education coursework on developing inclusive curriculum, advocating for underrepresented populations, and implementing anti-bullying and anti-discrimination policies and practices. Mark also coordinates the Iowa Anti-Bullying Symposium, Trans Education Summit, and Iowa Sexual Violence Symposium. He recently published the “Schoolwide Pride Guide: Elementary Edition,” a collection of age-appropriate lessons an activities focused on LGBTQ topics. A proud graduate of the University of Northern Iowa, Mark earned his Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry Teaching in 2011 and Master of Arts in Science Education in 2018.
In his free time, Mark enjoys jogging on the metro trails, roaming the aisles of home improvement stores, and surveying the local cuisine. Feel free to reach out to Mark to grab a cup of coffee and strike up an exciting conversation!
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Mark Turnage (He, Him, His) is the Registrar and Office Manager for Iowa Safe Schools, where he provides help with transcripts, technical support for participants of the Safe Schools Academy, registration for the annual Iowa Governor’s Conference, and coordinating local community fundraising events since 2014. Mark graduated from the University of Northern Iowa in 2008 and has been involved in community events and advocacy-related fundraising since moving to Des Moines in 2011.

The son of two teachers, Mark’s experience in both education and empowering youth expression includes three years as Pleasantville High School Fall Play Director, providing audio/technical support to high school entertainment and athletic programs, and partnering with local LGBT organizations and venues to promote the work of Iowa Safe Schools.

You can always find Mark at the midnight premiere of the latest Batman film, curating his comic book collection, playing the latest Metal Gear videogame, indulging his inner film geek, or working on writing the next great Batman story.

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Dana VanRenterghem (she/they) joins the team as a GSA Network Coordinator. She graduated from Central College in 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in Sociology, minoring in Communication Studies. They find that delivering a message with particular tact and empathy greatly impacts how it is received.

Their background is in direct care with, and by the side of, youth who are struggling with developmental trauma and behavioral/mental health challenges. During this time she realized that when youth are enabled with a safe and supportive environment, they become more willing to take steps of their own to self-advocate. She is also very passionate about using the realm of athletics as an outlet for self-care and growth. Dana believes in the simple power of relationships, and looks forward to engaging with LGBTQ youth in an encouraging, empathetic, and empowering manner.

Dana loves spending time outdoors and exploring the world around them. They have an ever-changing taste in music, and like to dabble with abstract art. Dana is a proud aunt, and spends any free time with fun-loving friends and family.

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Damian J. Thompson (He, Him, His) is the Public Policy Manager at Iowa Safe Schools. Damian joins our team from the Office of the Governor, where he oversaw constituent outreach and planned special events. Before his tenure at the Office of the Governor, Damian worked at a bipartisan public relations and lobbying firm in Des Moines. He graduated cum laude from Drake University in 2017 with his Bachelor of Arts in Law, Politics & Society. While a student at Drake University, Damian was politically active, interning with Iowa Congressman David Young as well as at the Harkin Institute for Public Policy & Citizen Engagement.

In his free time, Damian enjoys collecting antiques, watching classic films, listening to vinyl records, and avoiding hot beverages.

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Lucy Monson (Xe, Xem, Xers) is the Director of Human Relations at Iowa Safe Schools. Lucy received xer Paw.hD from Bark University in 2016, majoring in Barks & Sciences, and is committed to the pawformance of every staff member on the Iowa Safe Schools team. Lucy hopes to bring fresh breath to the organization, and take a bite out of homophobia and transphobia across the state.

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