Queer Campus Coalition

The mission of the Queer Campus Coalition is to support LGBTQ students pursuing post-secondary education in Iowa. By communicating, growing, and advocating together, we can make institutional changes that lead to better and safer worlds for all students.

The Queer Campus Coalition is the only program of its kind in the state. It was started in 2017 after Iowa Safe Schools identified a gap in services for LGBTQ students, their student-run organizations, and post-secondary institutions.

Please contact us to make suggestions, express concerns, offer resources, or meet with us to talk about how our work can be more collaborative with your group!


The IAQCC is a program led by students in collaboration with Iowa Safe Schools!

IAQCC is continuously building a dynamic program to empower students to make change in all aspects of the queer college experience. The IAQCC has a primary commitment to following the guidance and demands of students, and is centered on the belief that students are the experts of their own experience and know best what they need to thrive.

Getting Involved

IAQCC works to provides resources and support that LGBTQ students identify as needing to be successful in creating change. Students, advisors, and administrators are invited to connect with us through email, phone, or social media. Be sure to follow @iowasafeschools for announcements on upcoming events and opportunities!

The IAQCC Resource Toolkit is developed by the Queer Campus Coalition to meet the identified needs of our communities and groups. We invite students and educators to download and share whatever they find useful.

This toolkit is a living collection of resources that we frequently review for content. If there is a topic you’d like to know more about, or would find it helpful to have a step-by-step guide to navigating any difficult process, please send us an email and we will work to make it happen!

Resources to help structure a group, and other useful tools.

Short-Term Goal Planning

Long Term Goal Planning

Writing a Mission Statement

Sample Group Constitution

9 Things to Know About Title IX

Addressing Group Member Trauma

Discrimination Protections for LGBTQ College Students

Documenting Bias Incidents

Safe Space and Conflict

Setting Group Boundaries

Activities for Your Group

Meeting Discussion Topics

Intergroup Collaboration

Letter Writing

Keeping an Archive

Movie Night

Rainbow Pride Flag Colors

LGBTQ Symbols

Pride Flags Matching Acivity

Fundraising Ideas

DIY Drive-In Theater

Everybody Likes Stickers!

How to Make Fundraising Ribbon!

Tie Dye

Rainbow Cupcakes

Other Resources

The College Guide (One-Sheet)

Event Accessibility Checklist

Coming Out

Supporting a Friend in Crisis

Self Care and Coping

Addressing Group Member Trauma

The Campus Coalition Board is led by LGBTQ college students in Iowa who are driven to coordinate statewide projects advocating for better resources, learning environments, and campuses.

  • The Board meets one Saturday each month through the academic year, October through April. Meeting attendance is required.
  • Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.  Apply here!
  • Applicants must be students under the age of 24 years old and currently enrolled at a post-secondary educational institution in Iowa.

Application Form

Please get in touch with the Director of Youth Engagement, with any questions! Her email is, or you can call/text at 515-689-9916.

You can also get in touch with us directly by emailing Becky or calling/texting 515-689-9916