GSA Network

The Iowa GSA Network is a program of Iowa Safe Schools, designed to empower students on their mission to create safe spaces through their GSAs. It is designed to provide resources and assistance to LGBTQ and allied students as well as the educators and advisors who support them. The Network assists students interested in starting a GSA at their school, and connects GSAs around the state.

The GSA Network’s ultimate goal of enriching the lives of LGBTQ youth is accomplished through partnerships with student leaders, collaboration with GSA advisors and community members, as well as organizations and companies throughout the state. The Network offers resources, support, and direct interactives services to GSAs, students, and their advisors. GSAs who join the GSA Network are provided an e-toolkit of materials and ideas to help the group:

  1. Support students who have been victims of bullying, harassment, or assault
  2. Build a space where students can express themselves and live their truth
  3. Problem solve issues within the group and create a strong foundation for the GSAs continued success
  4. Create positive change in their school and community

The GSA Network also helps groups connect with each other! Iowa Safe Schools believes that students should collaborate with and support each other, and we help provide spaces and opportunities for GSAs to do just that. The Network unites LGBTQ and allied youth in several events throughout the year as well as regular small group opportunities for student to engage with Iowa Safe Schools.

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