September 26, 2020

Held Virtually!

Iowa Safe Schools is excited for the return of GSA Con! Held online this year, students from across Iowa are invited to join Iowa Safe Schools for a day of collaborating with other LGBTQ youth and community leaders! Students will have the opportunity to connect with peers and learn how to grow their GSAs!


Register here for this free event! Registration is required to be admitted to virtual GSA Con. There is no charge for this event, which is open to LGBTQ youth and advisors. This event is free and online via Facebook live on @IowaSafeSchools. If you have any questions please email Kaylyn at or Madi at Fun prizes will be on hand for activities throughout the day- sign up for a chance to win! To advertise in your school, posters can be found below!


9:00 Registration Check-In Opens Online

9:00 Welcome and Opening Speakers

9:15 Yoga

9:30 Pronouns Workshop

9:45 Break

9:50 Workshop 1

  • “Social Media 202”

Using social media to promote your GSA beyond TikTok dances and Facebook events

10:05 Workshop 2

  • “Emotionally Healthy GSAs”

A dive into topics like creating a safe space and practicing self-care individually and as a GSA.

10:15 Break

10:20 Workshop 3

  • “Sharing Your Story”

Make an impact with your voice in your community.

10:40 Workshop 4

  • “The Virtual Space”

How to host an online meeting and make the most of virtual resources.

10:55 Workshop 5

  • “Brick by Brick: Creating a Foundation”

How is a GSA governed, what is a meeting structure, and how do I find an advisor? This workshop is all the basics of running a GSA!

11:10 Workshop 6

  • “Setting Yourself Up for Success: What’s Next after High School?”

We will be sharing scholarship tips, how to make your college application stand out, and the best way to set up a college visit.

11:25 Break

11:30 Workshop 7

  • “Queer the Vote”

Build a strong and sustainable leadership team for your GSA as Kaylyn goes in detail on officer elections and succession planning.

11:45 Workshop 8

  • “Growing Your Piggy Bank”

Follow Brett through a series of fundraising tips and tricks to help grow your GSA!

12:00 Workshop 9

  • “Let’s Celebrate!”

Madi will dive into some of the major LGBTQ holidays and ways you can celebrate them with your GSA.

12:15 Wrap Up

Want to make sure that your GSA is currently part of the Iowa GSA Network? Click this link.