I’ve been bullied. Now what?
You can click here to find our step by step guide on what to do if you’ve been bullied.

What is an LGBTQ Youth Advocate?
An advocate is someone who has the ability to work with students who have been bullied and help them navigate what their rights are and how they can make the bullying stop. Advocates provide support that addresses specifically what the student wants to address, and that looks different for each person.

 Do you provide mobile advocacy?
Yes, we do! The LGBTQ Youth Advocate is able to come to any place in the state of Iowa to provide services. We believe that everyone deserves to receive services no matter where they are.

Is there a fee for services?
All advocacy services provided by Iowa Safe Schools come free of charge.

Will the advocate report my experience to my school, parents, or law enforcement?
No. The LGBTQ Youth Advocate is not a mandatory reporter and is bound by confidentiality. Anything you discuss with your advocate will remain confidential, including any identities you may disclose.

As a teacher or other school staff, how can I help?
The most important things you can do are to report any incidents of bullying as well as intervene when you see bullying happen.