Frequently Asked Questions

Bullying and Advocacy Services

What do your advocacy services look like?
An advocate is someone who has the ability to work with students who have been bullied, and can help them navigate what their rights are and how they can make the bullying stop.

Iowa Safe Schools provide supports and resources that address the specific needs of the individual student, meaning services and supports will look different for every person. If you are in need of advocacy services, email us or call 515-381-0588.

I live outside of the Des Moines area. Can you come to me?
Yes we can! Iowa Safe Schools provides advocacy and support to all 99 counties of Iowa at no cost to you. We believe that everyone deserves to receive services no matter where they are.

Is there a fee for services?
No. All advocacy services provided by Iowa Safe Schools come free of charge.

Will the Iowa Safe Schools report my experience to my school, parents, or law enforcement?
No. Iowa Safe Schools’ staff are not mandatory reporters, and we honor confidentiality. Anything you discuss with Iowa Safe Schools will remain confidential, including any identities you may disclose, unless you are in immediate danger of harm or harming yourself or others.

Events and Programming

Are there events for LGBTQ youth to attend throughout the year in Iowa?

Yes! Iowa Safe Schools has events throughout the year for LGBTQ and allied youth, including: GSACon, the Queer College Conference, Student Day at the Capitol, The Governor’s Conference on LGBTQ Youth, and Pride Camp! There are so many ways to get plugged in! For event details and upcoming save-the-dates, email us!

My school has a GSA, and I am looking for resources? Can Iowa Safe Schools help?

Yes! We would love to support the advocacy work you are doing at your middle school or high school. Are you a chapter member of the GSA Network? Find out more about the resources and supports we offer LGBTQ and allied student K-12 here!

I am a college student who is involved/wanting to get involved in my LGBTQ community at school. Does Iowa Safe Schools have anything for me?

Absolutely! The Queer Campus Coalition is committed to working with LGBTQ college students to create safer and more inclusive campuses. Want to get involved? Check out the Queer Campus Coalition page!

I want to attend an Iowa Safe Schools event, but am not sure I can cover the whole cost of registration. Does Iowa Safe Schools have a scholarship?

In the summer of 2018, Iowa Safe Schools launched the AJ Betts LGBTQ Youth Memorial Fund, in partnership with AJ’s mother, Sheryl Moore. This fund provides financial assistance for registration and transportation to Iowa Safe Schools events throughout the year. You can read more of AJ’s story and how to apply for scholarship funds here.