Ban Conversion Therapy

Iowa Safe Schools is leading the effort to ban the prehistoric practice of conversion therapy!

Read Executive Director, Nate Monson’s OpEd on Banning Conversion Therapy

Conversion therapy is a form of psychological abuse where the goal is to change someone who is LGBTQ to becoming hetersexual/cisgender. Many other states have banned conversion therapy – Iowa is not one of them. Conversion therapy only results in an individual having higher risk rates of substance abuse, depression, and suicide. Sadly, LGBTQ youth are most at-risk for conversion therapy. 

Individuals that practice conversion use tactics which include psychological abuse, electric shock, and forced vomiting. Those who undergo conversion therapy are left with lifelong physical and mental scars. Help us outlaw this abusive practice!

Sign our petition telling Governor Reynolds and the Iowa Legislature to ban conversion therapy now, and share this petition on your social media!