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Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Religious Exemption

Des Moines (June 4th, 2018)- Today the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Masterpiece Cakeshop in the Craig & Mullins vs Masterpiece Cakes case 6-2. Iowa Safe Schools Executive Director, Nate Monson, who is available for interviews, released the following statement.

“We are very disappointed over this ruling. As a statewide organization serving thousands of LGBTQ students across Iowa, this decision opens the door for mistreatment and discrimination against marginalized groups of citizens. Unfortunately, today’s decision will be seen by some to tell LGBTQ youth “we don’t serve your kind here”. With 85% of LGBTQ students reporting they have been harassed because of their sexual orientation at school and 66% reporting they have personally experienced discrimination, this ruling puts our most vulnerable citizens in unsafe and unsupportive situations.” Monson Added, “We should be working to lift our youth up, not creating more barriers to success through “religious exemption”. We (Iowa Safe Schools) are dedicated to continuing the fight for LGBTQ youth and are here for any student that needs our help to feel safe & included.”

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