The Iowa Safe Schools’ Student Leadership Council (SLC) is the cornerstone of the Iowa GSA Network. The members of the SLC represent Iowa high school and college LGBTQ and allied students who are actively involved in their GSA, and are advocates for safe and inclusive schools.


For the 2016-2017 school year, they'll be dedicating their time and passion to represent the many voices of GSAs across Iowa. The SLC will meet to discuss ways that GSAs and LGBTQ students can empower themselves to create safe and affirming schools for all students. They'll help the Iowa GSA Network create youth-centered resources, programming and campaigns; motivate GSAs to reach their full potential; and represent Iowa Safe Schools in the media as well as conferences and events. Meet the members of Iowa Safe Schools Student Leadership Council!

1. Ryan McDaniel – President, University of Iowa

2. Elliot Smith – Vice President, University of Iowa

3. Kaden Jones – Secretary, Iowa State University

4. Bryce Schulte, Johnston High School

5.Hunter Sunkle, East High School


6. Chris Simmons, Newton High School

7. Drew Garrett, Carlisle High School

8. Spencer Navara, Dallas Center – Grimes High School

9. Evelyn Meyer, Carlisle High School

10. Charisma Burals, Lincoln High School

11. Philip Runia, University of Iowa

12. Tyler Loew, Carroll High School

13. Claretta Morris, Roosevelt High School





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