Bullying Remediation Symposium

The mission of the First Annual Bullying Remediation Symposium is to inform educators, counselors, and administrators about effective bullying remediation and intervention strategies to create safer and more welcoming school environments for all students. Starting with the basics of bullying behavior, the conference will dive into a how-to of implementing bullying interventions by looking at currently established programs throughout the state. Attendees will leave with all the tools they need to address any bullying situations at their schools. Registration form can be found here!



What is Bullying?: The Fine Line Between Bullying and Drama 

Oftentimes we hear about conflict resolution strategies to address interpersonal issues between students. But when does that cross the line from conflict and drama into bullying? This interactive session will explore the differences between each, and participants will leave with the skills to identify and address each.


280.28: How the Law Protects Students

Iowa has had an anti-bullying law on the books since 2007. Participants will learn the letter of the Safe Schools Law (Iowa Code 280.28), as well as exactly what it means for schools. Participants will leave with the knowledge of how they can use the law to protect their students.


The Effects of Bullying: Student Mental Health

Mental health and bullying behaviors are so connected that it’s mentioned in the anti-bullying law. This interactive workshop will teach participants how to spot students who may be targets of bullying, even if they don’t disclose. This workshop will also cover topics brought up by the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why, and how it can be problematic in its message to youth.


Student Panel 

Three students from around the state will talk about their experiences with bullying in this moderated session. They will expand on how bullying affected their physical and mental health, as well as how their schools addressed the issues.


A Bullying How-To Part 1: Safety Planning 

In the first of a two-part workshop on how to address bullying reports, participants will learn all about safety plans and how they can be used effectively to not only protect students, but also assure them that the school is taking their situation seriously. Participants will learn difference between a pre- and post-investigation safety plan, and what each aims to do, specifically.


Make Them Care: The Importance of Data Collection

Accurate and compelling data can help spur action in schools. In this workshop, participants will not only learn how and what data to collect when it comes to bullying, but also how to effectively use it in their schools.


A Bullying How-To Part 2: The Investigation Process 

Building on what they learned in part one of this workshop, participants will learn about how an investigation of a bullying report would look. This workshop will be especially useful for the administrators who will conduct investigations, but also for counselors who will work with families before and after.


Now What? Bringing it All Together 

What is a bunch of knowledge without a little insight on how to bring it all together to make your school a more responsive place when it comes to bullying?


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Registration cost:
$85 – No Credit
$125 – License Renewal, Graduate Credit, CEU