AJ Betts LGBTQ Youth Memorial Fund

Alexander M. Betts, Jr., known to all of his friends as AJ, was a light to everyone that knew him, always laughing and smiling. He dedicated his short life to loving and helping others. To his family, he will always be remembered as the kindest human being they have ever known.

His happiest moments were spent drawing anime; performing in show choir, participating in marching band, acting in schools plays; and spending time with his friends and family. AJ passed away on July 27th, 2013. Even in death, AJ continued to give. Opting to be an organ donor just six months prior to his passing, he was able to save numerous lives.

After AJ passed, we wanted to do something to help others and create smiles, just like he would have done. Our main goal in establishing the AJ Betts LGBTQ Youth Memorial Fund was to provide lifesaving direct services and resources to students across Iowa, while affirming their identities. AJ was passionate about standing-up for people that needed help, so that is what we are doing.” – Sheryl Moore, AJ’s Mother

The AJ Betts LGBTQ Youth Memorial Fund will provide scholarships for LGBTQ students to attend the Governor’s Conference on LGBTQ Youth, Pride Camp, and direct service outreach by Iowa Safe Schools.

AJ was so kind and compassionate, always working tirelessly to ensure that everyone he met felt included and comfortable in their surroundings. Just watching him in action, when a new person was introduced to him, was something that would make any mom proud. I was so lucky to have spent 16 years with AJ, seeing him smile and thanklessly help others. Through this fund, we will lift-up LGBTQ youth and continue his legacy of generosity and giving.

Contribute to the AJ Betts LGBTQ Youth Memorial Fund

Students interested in receiving scholarship funds to attend any of the following events should download the PDF, fill it out, and return to All applications must be received one (1) week prior to the date that funds are needed. Please note that receipt of a scholarship means that the cost of registration is WAIVED, and that no check or monies will be dispersed to recipients or schools.

Scholarships are available for the following:
1. GSA Con (Transportation only)
2. Pride Camp 2021 (Registration only. Please Note: a $150 deposit is required in order to be eligible for a scholarship. If this amount is a barrier, please email Kaylyn Fisher:
3. Queer College Coalition Conference
4. Governor’s Conference on LGBTQ Youth (Registration only)

Please read the application form carefully as there are pertinent details regarding eligibility and supplementary information. Please email completed applications to or

AJ Betts LGBTQ Youth Memorial Fund Scholarship Program Application