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Iowa Safe Schools Doubles Down on Commitment to GSAs Across Iowa

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Iowa Safe Schools Doubles Down on Commitment to GSAs Across Iowa

Iowa Safe Schools’ GSA Network is focused on empowering students to create safe spaces in Iowa schools through youth activism and community support.


Iowa (April 28th, 2017)—Iowa Safe Schools, the largest statewide LGBTQ organization focused on establishing safe, supportive, and nurturing learning environments and communities for LGBTQ and allied youth, today doubled down on their commitment as the State’s sole GSA program provider to expanding and serving gay-straight alliances (GSAs) across the state.

For 15 years, Iowa Safe Schools has worked with students, educators, and families across Iowa to ensure safe spaces and improve school climates. Through this collaboration and service, GSAs provide a place for students to meet, support and listen to each other about their experiences, talk about issues related to sexual/romantic orientation and gender identity/expression, and work to end homophobia/transphobia in their schools. In addition to GSA group support, the Iowa Safe Schools GSA Network provides intervention and safety planning services to individual students who come forward to say they have been targets of bullying or harassment in their schools. Through their Youth Advocate, Iowa Safe Schools meets with students to provide direct service in reporting incidents of bullying, as well as ensuring schools are responding to incidents of bullying. This includes confirming that mental health needs are addressed immediately when an incident occurs.

“We are extremely proud of the expansion of Iowa Safe Schools and our ability to efficiently and effectively serve LGBTQ youth. Doubling down on our commitment to growing the GSA network means we are combating bullying, harassment, and discrimination against students that occurs in our schools”, said Nate Monson, Executive Director of Iowa Safe Schools. “By reducing the number of these incidents which can lead to increased isolation, the use and abuse of substances, and violence against themselves and others, Iowa Safe Schools is dedicated to intervening and providing safe, supportive atmospheres in which students can learn”