Governor's Conference on LGBTQ Youth

Keynote Speaker: Aydian Dowling

Aydian Dowling, founder of Point 5cc Clothing, is an FTM transgender activist from Long Island, New York. Aydian documented his own transition on YouTube as a way to voice his thoughts, fears, and successes; as well as offer a support mechanism for others looking to transition. His YouTube channel, ALionsFears, quickly became popular and, to date, has over 300 videos, reaches over 43,000 followers, and has more than 4 milllion views. Not including this over 131k followers via his motivational Instagram page @ALionsFear.

In 2011, Aydian was chosen as one of three LGBT persons to have their stories showcased on the Emmy Nominated It Gets Better Project on MTV and Logo. Aydian and his now wife, Jenilee, spoke of their soon-to-be wedding and the challenges transgender couples face when planning to wed. 2011 also marked the year Aydian launched Check out Point5cc, his clothing line, that caters to the fashion needs of transgender men, women and supporters. Twenty percent of every purchase made goes into The Surgery Fund, as well as Point5cc hosts Binder Exchange Programs and Breast Form Programs. With over 800 Binder donations sent all over the world, and over $5,800 raised in the Annual Surgery Fund, Point5cc is now a staple in the Transgender community with the slogan being: “Its more than just t-shirts, Its about Pride in our Identities.”

Aydian Travels the USA, (and the world) to present his most popular speech entitled “My Journey To Authenticity” where he draws from his experience as a Transgender male, and his own struggles with his acceptance of his identity. Aydian also has presented on “Emotionally Transitioning”, “My Journey to Mens Health”, as well as “Entrepreneur Life” where he speaks to business and corporations about his Entrepreneurial spirit and company, Point5cc and the trails of being Transgender in the business world. Aydian also travels with his wife, Jenilee Dowling ( discussing “The Transitioning Relationship” which goes over tips and techniques on how to keep relationships of all kinds, blossoming during the hard times of transition. Aydian has spoken at many colleges including, Seattle University, Carnegie Mellon University, North Dakota State University, Montana State University, University of Oregon and many others! He also has given keynote speeches for Pride Houston Organizations annual Gala, Transgender Day of Remembrance Keynotes in Long Island, NY and also in Eugene, OR.

Aydian Dowling has gained world-wide recognition as the lead contender in Men’s Health Magazines’ search for the “Ultimate Men’s Health Guy” 2015.  Aydian, along with the other 4 finalists, were featured on the November 2015 Special Edition Mens Health Cover being the first transgender person to be on the cover of Men’s Health and break down the stereotypes of what defines a man, as well as created tremendous visibility for the transgender community as a whole. Aydian was invited on “The Ellen Show” twice in 2015. First to discuss the contest and his transition where he gives an openly candid interview and dedicates his successes to the entire transgender community. Secondly to showcase the cover and feature of Mens Health Magazine.

Aydian was also featured on the cover of FTM Magazines’ April 2015 edition and the feature of a nude photo shoot that has since gone viral. Aydian has been paving the way for the “T” in the LGBT community since his 2009 launch of Alionsfears, a Youtube documentary and advice channel. Aydian was named in OUT100 in 2015 also, sharing the magazine with cover star President Barack Obama.

In his free time, Aydian enjoys putting his culinary skills to use (he is also a trained pastry chef) and hiking with Jenilee.

Aydian continues his mission to help others by giving back through services of his company Point 5cc, answering hundreds of emails a month and documenting his ongoing transition on Instagram, FaceBook and YouTube.

In 2016 Aydian was featured as the FIRST Transgender Male on the cover of Gay Time Magazine, IN Magazine, and Metro Weekly! Aydian was also granted the title of International Grand Marshall for Toronto Pride, being the first Transgender person named as IGM and also sharing the stage with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in 2016’s history making Pride Festival.

Aydian Launched Point of Pride in November of 2016- moving all programs from Point5cc  to become an official Non profit, opening up many more opportunities for those in financial need to obtain services offered by Point of Pride. Point of Prides Mission is to “Help Transgender People Live Authentic Lives.”

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